Togo: Dr. Kodom, a man engaged to an Africa prospers


Always alongside people in lack of means for quality health care, Dr. Serge Michel Sujith, doctor pan-Africanism of origin Togolese was elected president of the intersectoral commission responsible for international cooperation and the promotion of the agenda the African Union au ECOSOCC 2063 (Council economic, Social and cultural of the African Union).
2063 the AU agenda presents the aspirations of Africans from all sections of society and the diaspora reaffirmed through the vision of the African Union: build an Africa integrated, prosperous and at peace, an African led and managed by its own citizens and representative a dynamic force on the international scene.
We will have to work during our term for “A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development, a continent integrated, politically United and based on the ideals of pan-Africanism, an Africa of good governance, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law”, said Dr. Serge Michel Kodom mail in Africa before adding it is imperative to NGOs and Associations on the continent to accompany this vision of African States heads because says it ‘An Africa whose development is focused on persons based on the potential of young people and women and Africa as an actor and partner strong and influential on the world stage is possible’.


Aime Afrique

Since December 2014, where he was elected at the second General Assembly of the ECOSOCC to Nairobi, Kenya, in the company of three other Togolese, he is also in charge of all crosscutting issues not covered in other sectoral groups such as HIV/AIDS, EBOLA.
This Togolese young who took upon himself the will to come to help the poor for several years, account associate all NGOs and Association of Togo in its new mission within the AU ECOSOCC.
“We will concretely operationalize clusters that are working committees, our strategy is to ensure that the NGOs and Associations of Togo and Africa can register in these clusters in order to have many Togolese and African NGOs at the level of the AU ECOSOCC.
The objective is to implement a programme of activities on Togo at the level of the AU ECOSOCC.

Dr. Kodom and humanitarian



“Our Hippocratic oath requires many sacrifices. Should save human lives regardless of the situation and especially to deal with the problem of healthcare in rural areas in Africa. So African doctors should not remain indifferent to the suffering of the poor in the continent, usually reminds Dr. Kodom.
With the credo the good health of the human person, he created in 2005, love-Africa (International Association of physicians for the promotion of Education) and health in Africa, a humanitarian NGO composed today of more than 300 general practitioners and more than 1,000 health workers such as nurses, volunteer midwives.
This organization assigns to mission to bring the hospital to the populations and puts all his energy at the service of the population impoverished and disadvantaged groups in the field of health and education in Africa. Among the many challenges that he faced, his main weapon has been to set up a medical team of over seven specialties, able to consult more than 10,000 patients and operating more than 1,000 free of charge within a period of less than two weeks. A real humanitarian medical achievement performed by African physicians.
16.228 free surgical procedures in remote villages and hamlets

operation chirurgicale

From 2005 to 2015, the balance of this NGO is pretty impressive and intervention areas affect humanitarian medical-surgical activities in rural and prison. Love-Africa doctors conducted more than 16.228 free surgical procedures in the hamlets and villages, 105,000 voluntary screening and full support of HIV-positive people and more than 350,000 specialized medical consultations, the Director recalled. LOVE-Africa aims to organize more than 25,000 surgeries planned end 2025 in Africa.


True follower of pan-Africanism, Dr. Kodom has managed to establish its NGOs in several African countries from the West, as well as three performances fees outside the African continent, particularly in France, the United States and Japan, to give the opportunity to the physicians of African in the diaspora to be useful to their communities of origin by joining this noble initiative; namely that to be present through their contributions while being absent. «I think the daughters and sons of this continent, especially intellectuals, can also contribute to a winning Africa.» Nobody will come to build Africa in our place. “Even being outside, can make our contribution to building through noble initiatives», he explained.


He has just launched a ‘Serious but curable diseases’ assistance fund to provide real support to children with serious pathologies. The young Togolese doctor expects to expand the establishment of the Organization to 25 countries in Central Africa and the East, in years to come. The NGO has received numerous distinctions and awards both nationally and internationally including the “Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mono” for services rendered to the Togolese nation in 2010. Apart from this recognition, love-Africa was winner in the category Leadership humanitarian and voluntary work, in 2011, the programme TOYP of Junior Chamber International (JCI), in Brussels, Belgium.

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