Togo represented at the continental level has the ECOSOCC by NGOs like-Africa

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The NGO AIMES Africa and three other Togolese civil society organizations were elected to the Social and cultural (ECOSOCC) of the African Union Council at the second General Assembly of 18 to December 22, 2014, in Nairobi (Kenya).
This August 25, 2015, a press conference was held at the headquarters of the love-Africa NGO with aims to present the ECOSOCC Togolese media. Four Togolese civil society organizations elected to the second General Assembly of the ECOSOCC were present to know: the love-Africa NGO and REPAOC (at the regional level); CACIT and PASYD (nationally)
According to Dr. M. SUJITH, populations have several expectations in terms of improvement of their condition of life and this is the reason why the four organizations must clientele represent Togo in the direction of impacting decisions in international forums for the best be with Togo.


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“The opportunity is available to NGOs to express themselves not only in Togo but also on the African plan. We facilitated the accession to enable NGOs to participate in international conferences and activities of the ECOSOCC. A site will be put online so that the NGOs can register according to the criteria of accreditation defined by the African Union”, said Dr. KODOM.
Dr. KODOM pilot Commission sectoral inter responsible for international cooperation and the advancement of the agenda 2063
Present at the press conference the representatives of the Government satisfied with the representation of CSOs within the ECOSOCC. Recall that the ECOSOCC aims the promotion of dialogue between Africa and the strengthening of the capacities of African civil society.
Become a member of a sectoral Committee and participate actively in the activities of the ECOSOCC.
Indicate your preference of Committee sectoral (time) Sept 30, 2015
CSOs of Togo are invited to join the Sectoral Cluster Committees of the at the ECOSOCC.
Kindly indicate your preferences for the Sectoral Cluster Committees. (Deadline 30st Sept 2015)


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