Kara: 5th edition of the operation Elizabeth – Akpema without HIV by AIMES-Africa

AIMES Afrique team
Continuing listed activities within its 2015 Agenda, love-Africa team visited the Kara region (North of Togo) for a campaign of awareness and free voluntary HIV/AIDS testing during traditional festivals ElizabethAkpema 2015 which was are held from 18 to 25 July. More than 250,000 condoms distributed free of charge.
This phase complete, embracing the great medical mission which takes place during which 5,000 and Bassar and Kara patients will be consulted and 5.00 free surgical operations for more than 15 pathologies in general surgery and ophthalmology namely, hernias, fibroids, Hydroceles, goiter, tumors, uterine prolapse, lipomas, cataracts, Pyterigions, Trichiasis… This mission continues until August 2, 2015.
operation chirurgicale
Together, focus our energies for the benefit for our people.

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