Follow-up post operative in the region of Kara (KOZAH, BASSAR)

aimes afrique bloc operatoir

From 20 July to 03 August 2015, NGOs likeAfrica organized a medical mission in the region of Kara (prefecture of Kozah, Bassar prefecture). During this mission 352 patients were operated successfully and 2843 patients consulted in various specialties.
A team so visited in the same area this Thursday, September 03, 2015, in order to ensure the follow-up procedure post of all cases operated in general surgery, Gynecology, and ophthalmology.
Local populations responded massively to the call in health centres where operations (04August 05 to the CHP’s Bassar and 06 August to the Kara CHR) took place



“A month ago doctors of Africa like me have relieved my wrong. I was suffering from a herniedepuis of years and I have received free surgery during the previous mission in our locality. Today, I am in great shape thanks to love Africa and I am there for a control. I want to thank all those people who still think to vulnerable populations”, witness us a patient at Bassar follow-up.
The NGO would like to thank all partners and donors who by their actions, have allowed the execution and the smooth running of this mission.
The team is left with the feeling of a mission accomplished in the hope to return soon for a new medical mission that cannot be done without the contribution of any one. It is pourquoielle even appealed to the willing to support its actions.
For the rest of the year, love-Africa will sail on two regions which have not yet been furrowed this year, namely: Central Region and Savanes Region.


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