HOLOU Mahouli was born without her Anus, your donation can, save her!

Donate now to save this child!
Holou mawuli (sans anus)
Donate now to save this child!

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Faced with the suffering of some families destitute, having children with diseases
or disability requiring support workplace specialist, and aware of our
social responsibility to work towards restoring the health of patients above all children, the NGO
LOVE-Africa (International Association of physicians for the promotion of)
Education and health in Africa), in its strategic plan 2015-2019 has established a
project called ‘critical but illness ASSISTANCE Fund
CURABLE”(MGMC) for the benefit of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged that is
are unfortunately affected by these diseases.
Indeed, the idea of creation of such a Fund was born following the State of ‘health’ of the child
Katie NATA 6 months old, born in Dapaong (village located in the North of Togo) of a father
student and a mother dressmaker apprentice, who suffered from a congenital malformation
(meningo-encephalocele) but with no outcome to be operated.
LOVE-Africa has recovered this child who was hospitalized at the clinic international Dr
SUJITH (former clinic Immaculate Conception) for three (3) months in the care
by Dr. Michel KODOM before be evacuated in Germany on January 23, 2015 where he attended a
surgery with the support of goodwill, German physicians, and
German and of the NGOs AKTION PIT TOGOHILFE through presses a President Mrs
KOPP Margret which allowed the mobilization of funds for this support.
Today, Katie family can see this child grow up like any other child in good
The Fund support for disease serious but CURABLE.
(MGMC) therefore aims to give hope to all these people suffering serious diseases
but curable generally and in particular children (12 cases per year or one (1) case in)
support per month) through all representations of love-Africa.
Note that after the case of the child KOLANI Nata, a (1) another child among 11 cases
identified in this project was operated “chest tumor” by a surgeon
Canadian having exceptionally the displacement of Vancouverre (Canada) to save
This child. It‘s the Le Florent James child operated successfully at the Hospital of
Mango North of Togo.
Ten (10) children are still hoping to regain the smile by this project.
The total estimated cost for the support of these 12 cases serious but treatable thanks to your
support totalled 207.600.000 CFAF or 319.385 Euros
Donate now to save this child!


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