1.Promouvoir the concept of volunteering in the medical corps and term, form the largest network of professionals of health in Africa;


2.offrir care of primary and specialty health care system remote populations (rural, prisons…);


3.Lutter against bacterial, viral, parasitic diseases (HIV, HEPATITIS, EBOLA,…), degenerative and chronic through the media;


4.Susciter a change of behavior in order to encourage voluntary testing of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis and malaria prevention;


5.Amener populations to enhance their level of hygiene (water and sanitation) to improve their quality of life;


6.Mettre available minimum hardware for common ailments in community health as well as the means of medical evacuation centres;


7.Promouvoir medical research and ensure continuous training of members of the Organization;


8.Appuyer humanitarian actions and assist in the management of natural disasters;


9.informer, educate and counsel people in their community to promote the schooling of children particularly girls in rural areas;


10.Promote sports and cultural activities.